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At Big White Ski Resort in British Colombia Canada, Crescendo defines “Luxury”

Custom is Customary

Excluding the furniture, everything at Crescendo was custom designed and built. Honed quartzite slate is not only the backdrop for the 25’ tall fireplace, but it covers several portions of key walls (inside and outside), as well as the pool and each of the showers. 

The three Murphy Beds (Wall Beds) in the Media Room were designed so that guests could unpack and move into the room. Each Murphy Bed, for example, has its own set of closets and drawers, which are built into the walls to either side.

The ski locker is part of the ski-in breezeway, where skis and boards can be stored (and worked on) instead of bringing them inside the main house. Step into the house through the ski entry door and you’ll find benches to assist with removing boots, and custom boot blowers to store and dry them (holds 14 pairs). There is plenty of shelving for helmets and accessories, and an abundance of hooks to hang ski clothing. Want to remove more clothing? Two commercial washers and two commercial dryers are in the nearby laundry room.

Down Under & Under Down

The Aussie influence permeates Big White’s culture and, at Crescendo, “no worries” means “no worries.” During your stay, in fact, the temperature in each room is monitored remotely (via the internet), ensuring climatized stability and comfort at all times.

We realize that extreme skiing on the slopes requires extreme pampering off the slopes. When you retire for the night, then, you’ll delight in sandwiching yourself between down pillow toppers and down comforters. With the addition of 1000 thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets, you can be rest assured that your rest will be assured.

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